Frequently Asked Questions

When was the Company incorporated?

The issuer was incorporated in the province of British Columbia, Canada, pursuant to the Company Act of B.C., on January 5, 1988.

When is the Company’s fiscal year end?

Hawkeye’s fiscal year end is May 31.

Which stock exchange’s does HAWKEYE trade on?

The Company trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the trading symbol HAWK and the Frankfurt Exchange under the ticker HGT; ISIN: CA42016R3027 and WK: A12A61.

Does HAWKEYE intend to inter list on other stock exchanges?

The Company intends to inter list with the Toronto Stock Exchange and attain a major stock exchange listing in the United States. This will provide our shareholders and the international investment community with additional mediums for timely and accurate information and expose HAWKEYE to global capital markets.

What are HAWKEYE’s financing plans?

The Company will continue to finance its capital requirements through:

  • private placements
  • secondary offerings
  • and Institutional funding when appropriate.

What is HAWKEYE’s mandate?

HAWKEYE’s mandate is to build a world class mining company through:

  • a diverse portfolio of base and precious metal properties ranging from exploration to production
  • top shelf executive and management acquisitions
  • timely funding at critical stages of growth
  • international stock exchange listings
  • by increasing shareholder value/return

What plan does the Company have for its properties?

The Company has multiple options available to it including, and not limited to:

  • put its properties into full production
  • negotiate joint ventures; or
  • sell its properties to the highest bidder